About the Movie
Song of God
History, Music, Spiritual, Bio
Song of God
New Wave Production Inc.
60 minutes
Persian, Kurdish with English Sub.
Canada, Iran - 2018

When an Iranian-Canadian filmmaker hears the story of Ghadamyar- a Kurdish 120-year-old Tanbūr player, he takes off on a mission to discover more about this spiritual master's musical and enchanting life. The film follows his journey to Western Iran, where he unearths the ancient traditions and teachings of Ghadamyar's faith known as Yarsanism, and its relationship to the mysterious Tanbūr as a meditative instrument. The film takes audiences on a musical and visual quest among rugged landscapes of Western Iran to experience undiscovered voices and spiritual awakening. We witness the collective prayer of Yarsani Tanbūrists, as a practice to maintain their spiritual identity and search for inner beauty.

Writer and director: Aref Mohammadi
With Appearance Of: Dr. Bahman Kazemi, Aref Mohammadi, Salman Hosseini, Donya Kamali, Darioush Hosseini, Changiz Abdipour , Shapour Kamali
Edit: Maysam Samadi
Camera: Taher Chegonian, Abolfazl Alayi, Vahid shabani,
Sound Designer: Reza Moghaddas
Photo: Vahid Shabani,
composer: Salman Hosseini,
Assistant Director: Kamran Rezaei
Visual Effect: Ramin Doostan
English Translator: Bahar Almasi
Research: Aref Mohamamdi
research Advisor: Dr. Bahman Kazemi
Sound Recorder: Vahid Shabani
Graphic Design: Mehdi Pourian
Technical Support: Farshid Solimanpour
Executive Producer: Parsai Immigration Services
Executive Producer: Dadgar Magazin
Associated Producer: Aga Khan Museum
Associated Producer: Hamid Reza Safipoor
producer: Aref Mohammadi
With Support of : Shafie Legal Services
production: New Wave Production Inc.


    Aref is the founder and CEO of the New Wave Artistic and Cultural Group since 2004. Through this outlet he has been able to facilitate regular workshops, seminars and ongoing conversations about cinema in Iran and worldwide.Read More


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